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On the Postgres ODBC driver page the name for each file is of the form:

I'm trying to make sense of the file names, and haven't been able to find any documentation. The 09_01 is clearly the major/minor version and the x64 is pretty clear. What do the middle terms, like 0100-1 mean?

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I found the following in the source code:

This is version 07.05.0001. For those that don't know or don't recall
how the versioning works, the major and minor number track the latest release of PostgreSQL that the driver is expected to work with. The revision number is a bit more complex. The first two digits are the version number, where even numbers are development versions, and odd are release. The last two digits are the build number.

In other words, this driver is build 01 of development version 00, and is expected to work with PostgreSQL 7.5dev. :-) The leading zeros are an ODBC thing...

I guess one cannot get any better answer than this :)

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I believe those middle terms are release update correcting minor bugs or new features.

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