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I am trying to Export Data from SQL Server to Oracle using the "Microsoft OLEDB Provider for Oracle".

I am using "Export Data..." option from Task menu.

I get to connect to the source database (SQL Server) but when I try to connect to the destination database (Oracle) using "Microsoft OLEDB Provider for Oracle" option, I get the following error.

"ORA-06413: Connection not open"

I also checked my connections (tnsnames.ora) and I am able to successfully connect using SQL Developer to my local Oracle XE instance. My OS is Windows 8 running on a x64 machine.

Any guess what could be the problem here?

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I would try installing the Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC).

You will be able to download them from this link.

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Thanks Mark. I will try with your suggestion as well. – Ajay Jun 20 '13 at 4:30
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I found an answer to this issue on these forum posts:

and on this:

The problem is with the "(x86)" string in the folder name in which SQL Server DTS is installed. I just copied/pasted the whole "Microsoft SQL Server" folder from "Program Files (X86)" to "C:\" and ran the DTSWizard.exe, and it worked. :)

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