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I have created a file with the Logical Name 'Connection' and file group from database properties window. Now I want to assign this file to 'connection' table. So I have done the following steps:-

  1. Edited the table.
  2. Right click on table -> open the properties window.
  3. I have assigned "Regular Data Space Specification" to my file 'Connection'.
  4. Also I have assigned "Text/Image File group" to my file 'Connection'.
  5. I have saved the table and closed the table.

But when I edit the table and open the properties window, "Regular Data Space Specification" is showing my file 'Connection' but "Text/Image File group" is showing default name PRIMARY and not 'Connection'.

Can any one help me what I have made mistake.

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Step #1: Stop using the table designer. Step #2: see step #1. –  Jon Seigel Jun 20 '13 at 13:32
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