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I am currently using a SQL Server 2008 db, where in a table, I have a freetext field defined.

I would like to perform some trend analysis on one field, where I would provide the base for the trend, and the output should give me the top trending keywords that include the base.

For example, given "red cat", 100 records contain "black" and "orange" at some point in the field. I would like a trending report to show red, cat, black, orange and 100.

I was thinking of writing a C# trending job to run on the db, but I believe there are better ways of doing this (R language??). Ultimately, I want the results of the analysis to be fed back in to a SQL Server table.

First, is this a MapReduce problem?

Can this be easily solved with SQL Server - if so how?

Would this be better solved with a NoSQL db, and if so how?

(also not sure if this is best asked here, or on programmers.stackexchange)


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