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I am trying to set a job step that executes a package to use the 32-bit runtime, as it uses the SQL 10 driver against a SQL 2000 database. The job is running on SQL Server 2012. I see all kinds of examples of how to do this, where the job step properties page has 9 tabs (Set Values, Verification, Command Line, General, Configurations, Command Files, Data Sources, Execution Options and Logging). Execution Options has a checkbox for 32-bit mode.

When I look at my job step, logged in to the server as an Admin, running SSMS as administrator, all I see are two tabs: Package and Configuration. I deployed the packages using the Project Deployment method. How do I get those other tabs to show up?

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It's on the Configuration which then has 3 subtabs: Parameters, Connection Managers and Advanced

enter image description here

Advanced allows you to specify 32 bit vs 64 bit runtime, change the logging levels, dump on errors and override package properties.

enter image description here

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Wow, that seems embarrassingly simple! I'll check it on Monday. – PatFromCanada Jun 22 '13 at 23:31

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