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I can't find an answer for this problem.

If I have in my database data of datatypes like date and timestamp. Can the change of system date affect this saved data ? I mean, can these existing timestamp and date values be changed after the change of system date ?

Thank you very much :)

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Changing the system date or the system time does not change values stored in tables.

Existing values can be changed using an UPDATE statement, though.

Datetime and timestamp columns behave differently on retrieval.

create table tz_test (
  ts timestamp not null,
  dt datetime not null

insert into tz_test values (current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

select * from tz_test;

ts                   dt
2013-06-27 09:46:14  2013-06-27 09:46:14  

Set a session timezone, and compare.

set time_zone = '-8:00';
select * from tz_test;

ts                   dt
2013-06-27 05:46:14  2013-06-27 09:46:14  

Timezone support in MySQL

Docs show you how to change both client and server timezones for testing. You have to read that.

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and if I changed the timezone and then made a SELECT. Will the values inside the select transformed using that timezone or displayed as they were in database before ? – Reshi Jun 27 '13 at 13:29

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