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Wamp which includes mysql,php,apache is only 24.7 MB but the only Mysql is 207 MB here.Why?

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In a WAMP environment, a developer is probably more focused on

  • Coping PHP/Perl/Python
  • Configuring Apache to get the WebServer going
  • Using MySQL to store data, far less concern for the MySQL Utilities and other Bells and Whistles
  • Getting Windows to coordinate the use of Apache, PHP, and MySQL (If you use IIS instead of Apache, that means the environment is a WIMP).

WAMP/LAMP environments was set up with this mind. MySQL would come with the bare essentials for installing MySQL and storing and backing up data. Such bare essential utilities may include:

  • mysql : Command-Line Client Program
  • mysqldump : For taking Textual Backups

MySQL comes with utilities for doing

If a serious Developer wants to be just as serious at prepping and optimizing the database as a Developer/DBA, then MySQL has everything a DBA could want in that bigger download. Downloading both would be just fine in that instance.

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