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When I use F1 in my SQL Server 2012 Management Studio, it opens Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0 but there is no help content. Adding content is not possible due to the fact that install online and install offline both are grayed out. When I download the Books Online the file is > 200 MB. When I open VS2012 I have in the help section a chapter SQL Server 2012, which is 40 MB. This brings me to these questions:

  1. Why is SQL Server 2012 with still using Help Viewer 1.0 per default (and not the latest on the machine installed version, which would be 2.0)
  2. Why I'm not able to add content to this Help Viewer 1.0
  3. Why is the SQL Server 2012 Help Content in Help Viewer 2.0 40 MB and the downloaded Books Online are 200 MB ?
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