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A couple that I know about are

Are there any others? I am looking for tools what can generate random workload (based on some parameters) that can be saved (possibly as an SQL file) and run against an Oracle 11gR2 db separately.

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Here are what I have found: Load and Performance Tools. This is a huge list of tools, you can find out what product is better for you, but I could not see any tool that has been created specially for Oracle databases (on my first sight). For Sql Server

An information resource for software testers

I hope it will help you.


The best generator that you made yourself.

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Not free (tho' Oracle 11g isn't cheap either!) but the "official" solution is RAT.

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I was going to post the same question for SQL Server having done a bit of digging around recently.

How about the Transaction Processing Council (TPC) workload generators?

  • TPC-E is the latest OLTP benchmark.
  • TPC-C is the previous version of the OLTP benchmark
  • TPC-H is for OLAP/DSS.

If you're inclined to dig into the code, you may be able to re-purpose TPCCBench which is SQL Server specific.

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