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I have two instance database Oracle, they are ORCL11 and ORCL10,.... I've configured them, it looks like correct. Then, I connect to replication user admin ORCL10

conn repadmin/repadmin@orcl10

And run SQL command in replication admin user ORCL10,...


Then, i connect to replication admin user ORCL11 to see gname status.

conn repadmin/repadmin@orcl11;
select gname,status from dba_repgroup;

It display gname = SCOTT_REPG and status = NORMAL,.... but if connect to replication admin ORCL10

conn repadmin/repadmin@orcl10;
select gname,status from dba_repgroup;

It display that gname = SCOTT_REPG and STATUS = QUIESCING, I think it does not have any impact, so I test my replication on ORCL10, for example :

conn system/ok@orcl10;
insert into DEPT values (101,'Financial');
select*from DEPT;

It works on table DEPT ORCL10 (1 row created), but when i switch to ORCL11 then run simple sql query :

conn system/ok@orcl11;
select*from DEPT;

it doesn't show anything, i've searched it on Google but there is nothing tutorial how to fix that, I think the problem is about how to switch QUIESCING to NORMAL mode at ORCL10. I've try this way to fix it :


But it still doesn't solve the problem,..... Would you help me to fix this problem ??? thanks !!!

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Did you issue a COMMIT? –  Phil Jul 8 '13 at 0:11
Thanks for your suggestion, I've done it,.... COMMIT, but it still no change in ORCL11 ??? any the other idea ??? –  Buyung Afrianto Jul 8 '13 at 6:56

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