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I got a stored procedure in mysql:

SET @_time = _time;
    SET @minLat = minLat;
    SET @maxLat = maxLat;
    SET @minLon = minLon;
    SET @maxLon = maxLon;
    SET @_sex = _sex;
    SET @_lang = _lang;
    SET @_city = _city;
    SET @_prov = _prov;
    SET @_ctry = _ctry;
    SET @_lat0 = _lat0;
    SET @_lon0 = _lon0;
    SET @_radius = _radius;

            EXECUTE FETCH_AFTER_MAX USING @_time, @_after, @minLat, @maxLat, @minLon, @maxLon, @_sex, @_lang, @_loc, @_ctry, @_lat0, @_lat0, @_lon0, @_radius, @_max;

Is there a race condition going on about those session variables if that stored proc is getting called more than once in parallel (like, on multiple db persistent connections) ?


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