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I'm hoping that someone on this forum may have experience with an IBM appliance, Cast Iron (Websphere), and how it interacts with SQL Server. I know very little about the Cast Iron appliance, and its capabilities, so excuse my ignorance. The scenario is that I have created a series of stored procedures that pass their payloads as well-formed XML as either an input or output parameter based on the type of call (get or set) (we've tried using well-formed XML as native SQLXML data type and as string (VARCHAR(max) or NVARCHAR(max)).


DECLARE @XMLPayloadIn XML = '<root></root>';
EXEC StoredProcedureName @XMLPayloadIn;


EXEC StoredProcedureName @XMLPayloadOut OUTPUT;

The challenge is that the procedure call in Cast Iron's (editor) is limiting | truncating the well-formed XML at 4000 characters.

Anyone have any experience with this scenario at all?

One other bit of information, when "hooking up" the call to the stored procedure using parameters to pass the XML doc, the data type (SQLXML or VARCHAR | NVARCHAR) is actually showing a length of (0) whereas, if you pass the XML | string as a result set directly to the caller, the length is >0, and well-formed XML is returned.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I see in… that the poster has been told that 'Cast Iron has indicated that this is an issue on their side, and are working to address it.' – RLF Aug 20 '13 at 15:04

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