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I have an transactional replication setup with updateable subscription that is utilized by an Application. When I insert a project into the application, the msrepl_tran_version is different on the publisher and the subscriber. Hence, when I go to perform the update it does not update as the rows do not match.

Right is the publisher and left is the subscriber

Is this happening due to a trigger? How can I resolve this issue. As mentioned it only happens when I update certain combobox from the application which is 3 columns from this table.

How can I fix this issue.!!! Even when I run the distribution agent, it will fix it but then when the user performs a new insert the problem occurs again.

I know this is similar to my other post but this provides more details.

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Which other post? If this is clarification of the same problem, please edit the other question instead of reposting. – Jon Seigel Jul 16 '13 at 17:13

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