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I facing the issue in executing a SQL Stored Procedure and I got the error message as showing syntax error in my statement, but I couldn't find that,

Stored Procedure

-- Routine DDL -- Note: comments before and after the routine body will not be stored by the server


CREATE PROCEDURE enterprisedb.orderstatus

( IN inmode varchar(27), IN OrderStatus_id int, IN Status_comments varchar(255), IN CreatedOn datetime, IN CreatedBy varchar(255), IN UpdatedOn datetime, IN UpdatedBy varchar(255), IN is_active bit )


/*insert*/ if inmode = 'insert' then insert into orderstatus (OrderStatus_id, OrderStatus, Status_comments, CreatedOn, CreatedBy, UpdatedOn, UpdatedBy, is_active) values (OrderStatus_id, OrderStatus, Status_comments, CreatedOn, CreatedBy, UpdatedOn, UpdatedBy, is_active); end if; /*update*/ if inmode = 'update' then update orderstatus ods set ods.OrderStatus = OrderStatus, ods.Status_comments = Status_comments, ods.CreatedOn = CreatedOn, ods.CreatedBy = CreatedBy, ods.UpdatedOn = UpdatedOn, ods.UpdatedBy = UpdatedBy, ods.is_active = is_active where ods.OrderStatus_id = OrderStatus_id; /*delete*/ if inmode = 'delete' then update orderstatus ods set ods.is_active = 0 where ods.OrderStatu_id = OrderStatus_id; end if; /*select*/ if inmode = 'select' then select * from orderstatus ods where ods.OrderStatus_id = OrderStatus_id; end if; END

It displays the following messages,I couldn't find the error.

enter image description here

  1. Can I click on the Yes button and continue with procedure?
  2. Will it cause any issue?
  3. How to solve this? a A Any suggestions, answers and comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you perhaps missing an "end if;" from the "if inmode = 'delete'" statement?

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thanks for the answer, I found that, now it is working. – rathishDBA Jul 19 '13 at 10:08

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