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I like to know your opinion on these two sentences to see if I understood correctly the concept.

Put RAC configuration aside, I am talking about logical databases, I understand RAC is like a group of hosts serving same logical database by means of analogous instances.

I am talking about the uniqueness of SERVICE_NAME in a network. I also understand that 2 SERVICE_NAME cant point one database, but I would like to know whether two different DATABASES with their unique DB_NAME and SID may and are likely to be useful in some way if they expose same SERVICE_NAME.

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The same SERVICE_NAME can run in multiple instances with a RAC, and in a physical standby database, those services also exist. In fact, you'd need them to be running in order for failover to work.

Service name from a uniqueness perspective only matters in terms of being unique within a particular listener's purview; it's how the listener routes connections. What would happen if multiple unique databases served by the listener each registered the same service? How would it choose between/among them?

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