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What does an SQL:StmtStarting event originated from application mean? Does it mean a raw SQL statement executed directly from the application?

For example, in the case of an SP:StmtStarting, it means that the current statement is inside an stored procedure, and thus not directly executed by the application, but by the stored procedure.

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Yes, this is an ad hoc SQL statement that is not part of a module. It could be sent on its own or it could be part of a batch.

Though I'm not sure why you're using Profiler; it is notoriously horrendous for performance. Just take a look at what Joe Sack observed regarding the impact Profiler has on throughput and similar observations by Jonathan Kehayias.

Or what value you gain from collecting the Starting events. The Completed events tell you much more about what happened (including things like duration).

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Thanks, I'll take your suggestion. I'm a noob with SQL Server Profiler. – Guillermo Gutiérrez Jul 22 '13 at 17:21
@guillegr123 use Profiler to configure a server-side trace, but never use Profiler to actually run it. And if you are on SQL Server 2008+, start learning Extended Events. – Aaron Bertrand Jul 22 '13 at 17:23

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