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I've got an excel chart that I'm trying to convert to an SSRS report.

I've got 2 charts. One with today's data and the other yesterday's data. Excel

C,D columns have changing values. E,F columns have fixed values based on the Sector value. In G,H columns there's the following expression:

=IF(AND (    ABS(C3)>E3,   ABS(C3)>ABS(C13)    ),"YES","--")

Explanation - if the abs values of C3 are bigger than E3 AND the abs values of C3 are bigger than C13. The formula were dragged to all the table cells in those columns.

Now I tried to convert it to an RDL report.

I've created to DataSets that retrun the same values for different days - DataSet1 = values of Today. DataSet2 = values of Yesterday.


The changing values are on columns 1,2. On columns 4,5 there are the fixed values based on the sector.

In column 6 I wrote an expression that checks if the abs values in colum 1 are bigger than in column 4. It's not a good looking expression, but it works:

=iif(sum(abs(Fields!t_EUR.Value))>iif(Fields!sector.Value="DUTCH + BELGIUM",18000,iif(Fields!sector.Value="EUROPE",14000,iif(Fields!sector.Value="GERM / SWISS ",17500,iif(Fields!sector.Value="INDEX",15000,"")))),"YES","---")

In column 7 I put the same expression only for the other columns.

My goal is to find a way to add another condition for the expressions in columns 6,7, so it'll also check whether the abs values in column 1 for a specific sector in DataSet1 are bigger that the abs value for a specific sector in DataSet2.

So For example, in DUTCH sector I compare if 13,892 is bigger than 18,000 (The limit for sector DUTCH) AND if it's bigger than 12,036 (The Value in Dataset2 for Sector DUTCH).

In column 3 I put the following expression

=Sum(Fields!t_EUR.Value, "DataSet2")

Which is only almost ok, because I want to have the sum of the column PER SECTOR and the above expression gives me the whole sum of the column in DataSet2.

So - Is it possible to add an expression that will display me in DataSet1 the sum of a column from DataSet2 grouped by a specific group?

Thanks in advance, Roni.

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