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When connecting to an SSAS 2012 tabular model from Excel 2013 (Data... From Other Sources... From Analysis Services... fill in Server Name... click Next), I get the error:

An error was encountered in the transport layer.

Excel, SQL Server, and SSAS are all running on the same server (Windows Server 2012).

Because the server needs to be accessed from the Internet, there is a DNS entry for the server but the server's actual Windows computer name is something else servername.

In the Excel (on the server's desktop) connection dialog, if I use servername it works without error. If I use I get the above error.

I have added a hosts file entry so that points to "::1". From the server, pinging or servername both return the same "::1" for the address. This did not help the problem.

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If you start a profiler trace on the tabular instance and then and then try to connect via excel, is the NTUsername field your actual NTUsername or Anonymous Logon? – brian Aug 6 '13 at 20:46

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