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While, my query works on almost all entries, it does not work with one particular key.

"INSERT INTO highscores (uuid, name, score) VALUES (?, ?, ?) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE score = VALUES(score)"

If I remove the ON DUPLICATE KEY part, both keys throw error that they already exist.

"SELECT * FROM highscores"
a0c0abfe-e859-33d2-8075-a5532417a09d Tomas 408
a0c0abfe-e859-33d2-ffdf-591e2e27509d John 48

Before and after query:

Saving score: a0c0abfe-e859-33d2-8075-a5532417a09d, Tomas, 423
Saved score:  a0c0abfe-e859-33d2-8075-a5532417a09d, Tomas, 408

Saving score: a0c0abfe-e859-33d2-ffdf-591e2e27509d, John, 75
Saved score:  a0c0abfe-e859-33d2-ffdf-591e2e27509d, John, 75

Table layout:

                         NAME VARCHAR(64),
                         SCORE INT,
                         PRIMARY KEY (UUID));

Do you have an idea what could cause this ?


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So you are saying the query succeeds but the row doesn't actually change? Is the table MyISAM or InnoDB? –  Michael - sqlbot Aug 8 '13 at 0:01

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