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We have a SSRS report which shows the result of a dataset in a tablix. If the query in the dataset returns no data, the header of the Tablix gets displayed but not the tablix cells below the header. I know there is a property to NoRowMessage, but in fact it is not what we want. Because when I specify a message, SSRS shows the message instead of the empty tablix.I must show the tablix structure as it is, but with empty cells.

I even set the rule for each cell value of the tablix using IsNothing function, to show blank (""), if the value is null, but it didn't help.

Do you have any idea? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Might take a look at this question: – Shawn Melton Aug 14 '13 at 14:22
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You can add a row outside of the outermost group right under the tablix header row.
enter image description here

Set the row visibility to Show or hide based on an expression. The expression would like like:

=iif(CountRows("DataSet1") > 0, true, false)

When there is no data, the table will show the headers and empty row.

enter image description here

When there is data, the empty row will be hidden.

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