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I'm trying to export +100mil record table into txt file. My plan is split up txt file to small pieces by size or line then import.

I have one text field has multiple line like blog post text, in txt export file it exported as multiple lines which I want it to be 1 line 1 row so I can process it by lines.

I tried various fields-terminated-by, lines-terminated-by, fields-escaped-by parameters for export but nothing made that multiple line text into single, quoted and comma separated line.

It does quote well when I export the data in sql format but I haven't succeeded to convert new line characters in the text field to \n\r or \n whatever those characters are. Even if I escape it, still exported as new line with the quote.

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Please edit the question to include the code and/or command(s) you're using to do this. –  Jon Seigel Aug 16 '13 at 16:41
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This sounds like you did not try one option: --hex-blob.

I don't know if --hex-blob can be used in conjunction with the line and field options. Nevertheless, perhaps you should try because --hex-blob was made available to handle TEXT, BLOB, BINARY, and VARBINARY fields.

Give it a Try !!!

Captain's Log (Supplemental) : I just discussed this about 10 hours ago : mysqldump―output details

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