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all! I want to know how wrote this code of SQL, I already trying but i get message error. I wrote two way different this SQL. See you below

  FROM tabela
 WHERE coluna IN (CASE WHEN 1 = :parametro THEN 1 WHEN 0 = :parametro THEN (2, 3) END)


  FROM tabela
 WHERE (CASE WHEN 1 = :parametro THEN coluna = 1 WHEN 0 = :parametro THEN coluna <> 1 END)

I tried to run but it get error. Please! you help to tick or fix this code.

Thank a lot.

Regards, Jeison Pereira

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It's nonsense. CASE WHEN can return only a scalar value - not a colletion like (10, 20). What exactly do you want to achieve? Look at funtion LNNVL maybe it does what you need. – ibre5041 Aug 26 '13 at 16:28

One option is

  FROM tabela
 WHERE  'OK' =
         CASE WHEN   1 = :parametro and coluna = 1 then 'OK'
              WHEN   0 = :parametro and coluna in (2, 3) THEN 'OK'
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You can do it without a CASE

  FROM tabela
 WHERE (:parametro = 1 AND coluna = 1)
    OR (:parametro = 0 AND coluna <> 1 )
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