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I have a CSV file that has 2 columns


I have a table in my database that has the same columns + some extra columns.

Now I would like to update my db table using that csv file. I mean like this

UPDATE `mytable` SET `email` = 'csvemail' WHERE `name` = 'csvname'

Can someone help me to do that from my ubuntu terminal?

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MySQL has built-in support for importing data from CSV files, just use the command-line client :

mysql -u <user> -p

(replace <user> with your MySQL username and enter the password when asked to)

Then, tell MySQL to use your database :

USE <database>;

(replace <database> with the database name)

And finally, use this to import everything from your CSV file :


(replace <path> with the full path to the CSV file such as /home/user/file.csv and <table> with the table name).

Look at this question and this one that may be related to your question.

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