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I am running into problems where Postgres autovacuum processes are interfering with the overall performance of my database. It is making my select, insert, and update queries slower than usual. What are some settings, and optimization strategies that will make autovacuum have less of an impact on my database performance?

Is there a way to make it not consume as much memory/CPU so that client queries can run more efficiently?

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Please supply your exact PostgreSQL version (select version()) and platform, along with some info on the hardware - CPU, disks, raid controller if any, etc. You should also include info on how autovacuum is configured right now. select name, boot_val, reset_val from pg_settings where name like '%autovacuum%'; Edit your question to add this info and comment here when done. – Craig Ringer Aug 29 '13 at 2:22

From: :

"The answer to almost all vacuuming problems is to vacuum more often, not less, so that each individual vacuum operation has less to clean up."

Some basic tuning suggestions at:

(Auto)Vaccum details:,_ANALYZE,_EXPLAIN,_and_COUNT

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Please fix your last two links above - and, when done, you could also add the main points of those pages here (like you did with the first one). – dezso Sep 2 '13 at 5:22

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