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From MySQL documentation:

Max value limit for open_files_limit is 65536 and table_open_cache is 524288.

When I applied max limit, mysql server started but with following warnings in error log:

2013-09-01 11:34:42 57231 [Warning] Buffered warning: Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 65536 (request: 1048687)

2013-09-01 11:34:42 57231 [Warning] Buffered warning: Changed limits: table_cache: 32713 (requested 524288)

I see that max-limit for open_files_limit is less than table_open_cache. I feel this is strange and open_file_limit should be always greater than table_open_cache.

Neverthless, I set open_file_limit to larger than 65536 and it worked.

I am now wondering, how these are related? Is there any mistake in MySQL documentation?

p.s. I modified /etc/security/limits.conf on way as for such high limits.

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