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I have two questions about inline constraints declarations for Oracle tables:

  1. Is it a bad practice? If so, why?

  2. How could one declare a different tablespace for the primary key and index like it's done when using the outline declaration? Something like

    create table THIS_TABLE (
        id number, 
        constraint THIS_TABLE_PK (id) tablespace INDEX_TABLESPACE
    ) tablespace DATA_TABLESPACE;
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Like this:

create table THIS_TABLE (
  id number NOT NULL, 
  constraint THIS_TABLE_PK PRIMARY KEY(id) 
) tablespace DATA_TABLESPACE;

USING INDEX TABLESPACE is the syntax - you weren't far off.

As far as good/bad practice is concerned, that's opinion-based, so not really something that should be asked here. The alternative is to use the ALTER TABLE .... syntax after table creation.

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Well, now I feel dumb. I should have tried the same syntax as for an outline declaration. Thanks for the feedback! – Pedro Mendes Sep 5 '13 at 23:52

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