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Merge replication is the gift that keeps on giving as far as throwing new things at us, and the latest is a subscription that had been behaving for quite sometime suddenly slowing to a crawl.

This manifested first as being stuck on 'Uploading data changes to the Publisher'. Eventually it indicated progress, there was much rejoicing. Then a very long wait and another indication of progress, then nothing for a long time (2+ hours now).

In the profiler, there is activity (albeit slow) from the pull subscriber. In this activity, a lot of conflicts.

The only other (seeming?) lead is in the MSmerge_genhistory table on the subscriber there are a lot of 'genstatus = 4' (interrupted) generations. Only one has genstatus = 0. There doesn't seem to be any motion there.

Is there something else we should be looking at? Any further info I could provide that would help diagnose? We are loathe to reinitialize or delete and re-create as this is a publication that is large enough in our environment that these processes take many hours and we are getting considerable pressure to resolve soon.

Thanks. S


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Is this over Web Synchronization? – Brandon Williams Sep 6 '13 at 15:39