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I need to connect an application to my DB2 database. Both application and db are running on the same machine.

I've tried this:


I'm getting the following error:

CLI0124E Invalid argument value. SQLSTATE=HY009

Am I using the wrong connection string?

Edit I've also tried the following format:


Same result.

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are you connecting with JDBC? ODBC? – Chris Aldrich Sep 9 '13 at 15:14

Not sure where you got those connection strings. According to the documentation, the provider you use needs three keywords: DSN, UID, and PWD. DSN refers to the Windows data source, which you define as usual after installing the DB2 Data Server Client software.

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The application was asking for a connection string, when all it really wanted was the Database name. I'm not sure why the field is named Connection String...

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