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MySQL is hanging when I try to do SHOW COLLATION on my Amazon RDS instance. I can use SHOW COLLATION fine with my local database, and other SQL commands work fine on my RDS instance. But Amazon SHOW COLLATION hangs every time. Maybe I have too many collations? I'd be perfectly happy just setting it to utf8 or Latin1 collation.

I'm using mysql(5.6.12) on a micro instance.

Any ideas on what I can do? Or how can I get more information on what's happening?

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Not sure if you found a solution to this but for us it seems to be related to the size of data leaving the VPC.

If you run a query with a small result set:

show collation like '%utf8_swedish%';

The result returns fine, but if you take away the like and get a large result set back it fails. We're still investigating the problem but not sure you found a solution.

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