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column_1 (varchar) has values with the format like 1024 MB, 2048 MB etc. There also exits column_2 (int). Now I would like to parse the value in column_1 and update the column_2 with values like 1024, 2048. I am using PostgreSQL. How do I do this ? I am fairly new to databases. Any help/suggestion is appreciated.

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If your data is consistent, so that after a number it always contains a space and then something else, then the following expression will get you the number part:

split_part(original_size, ' ', 1) 

This will split up your string along the spaces with the remaining chunks are indexed from 1 up to the last one, then the first one is picked. There are, of course, other possibilities around, for example using a regex, which probably other will add later :)

Now you can construct your UPDATE statement:

   SET processed_size = split_part(original_size, ' ', 1);

Notice that there is no WHERE clause as you want to set the second column for every row in the table.

You find an example on SQLFiddle.

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