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In Postgres in a user defined function I do

execute format('delete from table where session_id = %L', id);

ran without execute postgres (may) return(s) the following:


Is there any way I could get this output in the user defined function? What I am looking is something like:

execute format('delete from table where session_id = %L', id) into log;
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You can use the GET DIAGNOSTICS command for this purpose. A quick example:

DO $$
DECLARE i integer; 
    DELETE FROM event1;

For DELETE statements, the only useful variable is ROW_COUNT, for INSERTs there is also RESULT_OID.

Set the error level after the RAISE to your choice and set the logging configuration accordingly.

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The point is that I also use user defined functions, that generate 'raise notice' output. Would be cool to catch that too.. – arthur Sep 18 '13 at 16:07

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