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I am using oracle 11gr1 SingleByte Database,

I am trying to import a Dump file. but strangely the dump file contains multiple user objects(i.e, Import(IMPDP) is not done properly).

. . "TEST"."AUDVALUES"                     174.5 MB 2136286 rijen geëxporteerd
. . "TRAIN"."AUDVALUES"                    105.5 MB 1311686 rijen geëxporteerd

Note: There are SYSMAN objects also imported into DUMP file, I should exclude them as well

I want to import only TEST objects not TRAIN objects to target DB? Is it possible to achieve?

Please get back to me if question is not understandable?

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the impdp utility has the SCHEMAS option to select only the schema you need:


You can also remap the schema: importing TEST schema into TEST2 using the remap_schema option

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