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I have several Drupal sites hosted on my shared hosting server. Each site has a dev, test and production instances, with separate Docroots and Apache Vhosts and separate mysql db instances.

Production db has real live data in it. dev and test dbs have dummy data. But as per the development workflow, if a new module has to be installed the developers do it in dev and test instances. That creates a new table and some records in the dev/test db instances.

Now that if they want to have the same module installed in the production site, I want them to able to run an operation via web which takes that particular table/data to the production instance from dev/test.

To explain bit more: This is what I need.

A ==> Test Site

B ==> Production Site ==> Real Data

A new module is installed in A. This creates a table and some records in A. We should be able to take that particular table/data from A and import into B keeping all the B's data consistent. And we dont really know what table is created in A. This is all done by the developers.

In a nut shell. B = (A U B) i.e. B should become A Union B

I tried mysqldiff but that works only for schema but not data.

Ideas please.

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