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I am making a 2 node SQL Server 2012 Fail Over Cluster, do I need to install MSDTC also?
If yes then can both be installed on single shared disk?

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MSDTC is not required for a SQL Server 2012 fail over cluster. However, if you plan to use Linked Servers, then you will need to create a clustered MSDTC resource. The good news is that can be setup after the cluster is already built and after SQL Server has been installed.

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just to link sQL servers why would you need MSDTC ? unless the sql servers are using the a distributed transaction in the tsql

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Hi Rakesh, welcome to the site! Could you add a little more bulk to your answer and maybe quote the relevant parts of the article you link so that people understand what your answer is supposed to mean when the source link disappears? – jcolebrand 7 hours ago

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