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I'm fetching data from a table "TABLE_A", it's having Primary Key as "PK_ONE" (which is unsigned INT) .

I'm fetching data from "TABLE_A" with where clause on PK_ONE ; Ex: SELECT PK_ONE from TABLE_A where PK_ONE in (2,88,3999,4,282,33399,1,394);

When I'm using dataset mentioned above in PHP cursor; I want to ensure that data fetched comes in the sequence of values of "PK_ONE" in WHERE clause.

Can you please give me some direction to achieve same? [Currently rows are coming in asending order]

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You are looking for ORDER BY FIELD(), and it looks like this:

  PK_ONE in (2,88,3999,4,282,33399,1,394)
  FIELD (PK_ONE, 2,88,3999,4,282,33399,1,394)

FIELD() is a function which returns the position of an element (first argument) in a list of values (2nd, 3rd, ... arguments).

So you need to generate/template the list of values twice for this query.

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Thanks Shlomi, PERFECT. This is what I was looking for. – Pawan Mude Oct 2 '13 at 5:17

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