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I have a MYSQL DB running on a raspberry pi. Now under normal circumstances MYSQL actually runs slightly quicker than it did on my much more powerful desktop. However I am trying to insert 60 million records in to the database using LOAD DATA INFILE. I tried it all in one go (a 1.2GB File) and it was still trying to load the data 1.5 days later. So I tried loading in 100 000 chunks which was fine for the first 3 million records but soon started to grind to a halt. So I then removed the indexes from the table and it seems to run a bit quicker but I noticed that for each 100 000 rows I insert the time increases by about 20 seconds.

What is strange is that when I did a database restore from my original desktop machines database (an identical db with 60million rows in the main table) the restore only took about 1 hour.

What is causing the slowdown for LOAD DAT

I should point out that I am using InnoDB


I reduced the chunks to 1000 records and left it running which did appear to speed things up as after about 1 hour it had inserted 24million records however each insert of 1000 was taking about 30 seconds. However I then decided to stop it running and restarted the raspberry pi. Then I ran the import again and low and behold the initial inserts were back to less than one second again.

So my question is, do I need to clear a cache or something as MYSQL appears to be getting bogged down rather than the actual LOAD DATA INFILE being slow. It is almost as if it is filling up memory and not releasing it or something much more technical to do with MYSQL.


Just to give an idea of just how much it is slowing down. It inserts around 27million rows in the first 40 mins (the majority of which is inserted in the first 25 mins). Then I have estimated that it will take around 48 hours at least (possibly a lot longer as the time it takes to run load in file grows longer as time goes on) to insert the next 30million rows! However if I restart the raspberry pi it goes crazy quick again (despite the 27million rows still being in the table)

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