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I am creating multiple indexes on a table in SQL Server. The script is still executing but all the required indexes are showing as objects in Object Explorer. Do the objects get created before the index creation has been completed or once the index has been created succesfully?


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I can't recreate this behavior, is it all indexes that are showing, or is it the ones created first that are showing before the entire script has finished executing? – GarethD Sep 25 '13 at 9:30
It looks like all indexes. The script has finished executing now and all the indexes have been created. It was just a matter of interest, so that I can check the progress of a script in the future. – David Sep 25 '13 at 9:41

When you're restoring a database, it appears in the database list in Object Explorer before it's finished restoring, so it could conceivably be the same for indices.

If it's an indication of progress you're after, then placing a PRINT statement before your CREATE INDEX statement, and putting them all in different batches with the GO keyword will cause messages to be printed to the Messages tab in SSMS as your indices are created.