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  1. I tried to reinstall enviroment with Win2012 and SQL2012 by using the same IP/AD/DNS names for nodes in Win/SQLFailover

  2. on the same HW where Win/SQLFailover runned succefully, configurations for concrete HW, IP and Computers Name in AD stays unchanged

  3. I have an issue because Objects are created in AD but never is created Object in DNS, I can't able to create WinFailover wiht Computers Names once time used for WinFailover

  4. Objects are deleted in AD and DNS before a new instalation started,

  5. WinFailover created on this configurations generating bunch of errors from DNS, NetworkName, etc


  • where is/are stored this/those registry that block to create a new Object in DNS in AD or DNS, a new Object with IP, AD, DNS previoulsy used for WinFailover

  • is possible to delete this Object manually, or better is to use a new Computer Name for AD (I tried then a new Win/SQLFailover was created succefully by using the same DNS name for Win/SQLFailover)

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