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My OS Linux Centos 6.4 is running on a vmware, I downloaded an Virtual tape library VTL from IBM site (Lin_tape), After I download it, I tried to define the drive name /dev/st1 in the TSM Server, but I keep having this error: ANR8420E DEFINE PATH: An I/O error occurred while accessing drive ST1.

I tried to activate my Lin_tape service, but I am obtaining the following result:

[root@localhost init.d]# ./lin_tape start

Starting lin_tape:

[root@localhost init.d]#

if I check the Lin_tape status, the system will tell me that it is not running. I need to use a tape drive to backup my Oracle DB. Any help please would be appreciated. thank you :D

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Methinks this question would be better placed on serverfault.com –  Colin 't Hart Oct 8 '13 at 11:41

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