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I have a table that stores string from a user and is displayed in a web form. But as I see when the user inputs e.g. in a language of cyrilic alphabet (I assume is UTF-8) garbage are displayed back. I did a show create table and I saw that the table is defined as LATIN-1 and the column that stores the string is defined as TEXT. I am not clear on what type of data does TEXT stores. Is it only for ASCII? Should I be using a different data type? Which would be the most appropriate?

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You'll have to specify a character set of UTF8 on the table schema. See

Depending on your needs you can specify table defaults which then apply to all unspecified text columns (char/varchar/text) or you can specify on a per column level.

You'll also need to have your applications to specify a UTF-8 character encoding. The specifics on how to do this will depend on the language you are using.

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And the applicaton's client connection to the server needs to be correctly configured to support utf8. – Michael - sqlbot Oct 9 '13 at 4:27
So how could i alter the text column to support UTF-8? Does it now support only LATIN-1? Also how could I alter the table so that it supports UTF-8? Also if I do such an alter are the existing data corrupted? – Jim Oct 9 '13 at 6:29

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