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I am currently using MySQL DB Version 5.6.10 for 32 bit running in 64 bit Window OS.I want to change it to 64 bit without taking any dump..Can anyone help in this?

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The data file format is the same for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of MySQL.

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Keith Murphy (co-author of the MySQL Administrator's Bible) quoted here doesn't appear to think that's very good idea - straight copying of binaries. I know that the quotation is quite old, but I, for one, would be very reticent to do something like that.

If I were you, I'd try the option at the beginning of the quote - pipe over a dump - I know that you don't want to do that, but it's possibly the best way.

another option is to do a mysqldump and pipe it over to the new server, e.g:
mysqldump --opt 32bitserver | mysql --host=64bithost -C 64bitserver

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