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I have 1 node Cassandra running datastax distribution. I reinstall Cassandra and updated cassandra.yaml data_file_directories.

sudo apt-get --purge remove cassandra
sudo apt-get install dsc20

But now I run

nodetool cfstats

I got SSTable count: 0, running

nodetool repair

command doesn't help either.

This is the output of nodetool cfstats

Keyspace: kairosdb
Read Count: 0
Read Latency: NaN ms.
Write Count: 0
Write Latency: NaN ms.
Pending Tasks: 0
    Table: data_points
    SSTable count: 0
    Space used (live), bytes: 0
    Space used (total), bytes: 0
    SSTable Compression Ratio: 0.0
    Number of keys (estimate): 0
    Memtable cell count: 0
    Memtable data size, bytes: 0
    Memtable switch count: 0
    Read count: 0
    Read latency, micros: NaN ms.
    Write count: 0
    Write latency, micros: NaN ms.
    Pending tasks: 0
    Bloom filter false positives: 0
    Bloom filter false ratio: 0.00000
    Bloom filter space used, bytes: 0
    Compacted partition minimum size, bytes: 0
    Compacted partition maximum size, bytes: 0
    Compacted partition mean size, bytes: 0
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