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I have encountered issues a few times when a process of mine performs a bulk load to a temp table we use for pre-processing purposes. The Bulk load fails for one reason or another (this we are looking into and addressing separately), and then the table that we were bulk loading to gets locked up. Quiesce/Unquiesce and even restarting DB2 are not releasing the lock on this table.

Here is a screenshot of the error in question that we receive every time:

Here is the screenshot of the error in question

This error code means The table is in the "Load Pending" state. A previous LOAD attempt on this table resulted in failure. No access to the table is allowed until the LOAD operation is restarted or terminated.

Is there any command or way to circumvent this or regain access to this specific table? We have many other processes running when this bulk load runs so restarting DB2 is a very undesirable option and, in our case right now, has not freed up the table.

Apologies if this is not enough information to go off of, please let me know what else I should provide if needed.

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Your LOAD was interrupted so the table was placed into a LOAD PENDING state. To take it out of the LOAD PENDING state you will need to issue one of the following:

  • LOAD TERMINATE to roll back the operation
  • LOAD REPLACE to reload the entire table

Also, do not take a backup before you take the table out of LOAD PENDING state.

See Restarting an interrupted load operation in Information Center for details.

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Thank you very much. – SMT Oct 11 '13 at 19:39

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