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After reading this article,

I have some problems configuring point 2) and 3):

2) Create a SQL Server login that has the ability to backup (and restore) databases (y) by adding it to the SYSADMIN server role.

3) Add the domain account (x) to a security group on the SQL Server computer that has sufficient privileges to log on as a service, etc.

Where can I find detailed instructions/videos on how to accomplish them?


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To answer your questions directly:

2) In order to add a login to the sysadmin fixed server role you can utilize ALTER SERVER ROLE ... ADD MEMBER (2012) or sp_addsrvrolemember (pre-2012). Here would be an example:

exec sp_addsrvrolemember 'yourLoginName', 'sysadmin';

3) Without having to reiterate what's found in the following documentation, take a look at this MSDN reference on the service permissions for each SQL Server service.

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Thomas, I'm not a DB expert and I hardly follow the documentation provided. Isn't there anything more simple? – Alberto Oct 22 '13 at 7:50

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