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I am struggling to get way to log user connection access,queries that are fired to database(SYBASE IQ 15.2).

I tried request level logging but it has great performance impact.

Is there any way ,script that will ONLY monitor user id ,ip,query,time that user has fired?

Again is there any provision to monitor only some tables?

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You could try the Auditing in Sybase IQ:

You could also follow activity of individual login my running a stored procedure at login.
For instance:

sp_modifylogin my_login, "login script", my_proc

where my_proc =

create proc my_proc
as <code>
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HI I tried this already.But it has huge performance impact.Here in my system I want to audit ONLY few tables where i want to track user id,ip,time,query more info needed as other info puts extra overhead on system.Can we write any script,proc in oredr to achieve this? – user29710 Oct 23 '13 at 13:09

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