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At the last step, when MySQL installer tries to configure, it fails with the following error message:

mysql-server-5.6-winx64:50 - Started service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:56 - Attempting to update security settings.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Unable to update security settings. Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:62 - Attempting to verify command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:68 - Verified command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:75 - Verified command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:81 - Attempting to Add New MySQL Users
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Unable to add New Users. Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Product configuration controller finished configuration.

I've seen a similar problem here but I've already granted access rights by clicking yes to UAC. There's no option to right-click & start the .msi as administrator.

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