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I created some objects in MS SQL Server 2008 using SubSonic 3. It created them based on the user specified in connection string like:


but for some reason I am not able to test_user account. Now I am not able to access the tables within test_user schema. Is there any way to transfer schema from test_user to dbo so that any login can access it?

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ALTER AUTHORIZATION ON test_user.table1 TO dbo


ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER test_user.table1

The older sp_changeobjectowner is deprecated

Some FYI: SQL: transfer database schema

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I had used Alter Schema dbo Transfer..., Alter Authorization is new thing for me. But I think Alter Authorization should be better as Schema Transfer can cause problem if sys.objects is used for any functions as per MSDN – TheVillageIdiot Sep 1 '11 at 3:55

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