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When there are nested impersonations (as in exec as user = 'user1'; exec as user = 'user2'; exec as user = 'user1';), is there a way to revert all of them without having to use the revert command multiple times (e.g. revert all;)?

Or at least, if one must use revert repeatedly, is there a way to check if there is an active impersonation so one could loop the command as many times as needed (e.g. while @@IMPERSONATION_COUNT > 0 revert;)?

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You could capture the name of the current user at the start of your batch, then compare that to the then-current user at the point where you want to REVERT back to the original user.

For instance:

EXEC AS USER = 'SomeUser';
EXEC AS USER = 'SomeUser1';
EXEC AS USER = 'SomeUser2';
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You could assign the current context to a cookie then revert to that cookie when you desire to.

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Didn't know about that, thanks! However, I don't like the idea of being stuck in an impersonation if I lose the cookie value for any reason. Seems like this feature is more useful to prevent revert than to allow reverting as many times as needed. – dang Apr 2 '14 at 14:39

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