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I am trying to install Oracle 11g on my client's server. In order to download it to the server, I have followed this :

  1. Logged in to with my client's username/pass from my desktop.
  2. Accepted the Licence agreement (OTN).
  3. clicked on the download link
  4. When my browser started the download, I copied the download link, and
  5. wget -c "the_download_link"

However, I get "403 Forbidden" error. So how do I download the Oracle db, directly to the server (rather than downloading to my Desktop first and then uploading it to the server) ?

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Using WGET to download My Oracle Support Patches (Doc ID 980924.1).

wget --http-user=<username> --http-password=<password> --no-check-certificate --output-document=filename "paste the copied download address here in quotes"

Also there are a bit different instructions in but I believe things a bit changed now when flash MOS page is retired.

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