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I am a SQL DBA newbie, and I am trying to get the failover/failback history for one of our mirrored servers. I am able to get the the failover history from event viewer but do not know how to the get the failback history. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Have you tried looking at it in SSMS: – Shawn Melton Nov 12 '13 at 22:14

The following is a script I wrote for displaying the failover and failback history:

SELECT, t3.time, (1 - t3.role) as status
    SELECT t1.database_id, t1.time, t1.role 
            SELECT RANK() OVER (ORDER BY database_id, time) AS rec, database_id, role, time 
            FROM msdb.dbo.dbm_monitor_data dbmd 
        ) as t1
        INNER JOIN 
            SELECT RANK() OVER (ORDER BY database_id, time) AS rec, database_id, role, time 
            FROM msdb.dbo.dbm_monitor_data dbmd 
        ) t2 ON T1.database_id = T2.database_id and t1.rec = (t2.rec - 1) AND t1.role <> t2.role
    ) t3
    INNER JOIN sys.databases d ON t3.database_id = d.database_id
ORDER BY, t3.time

I believe Role = 0 is PRIMARY.

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Does this require using a monitor instance? – Jon Seigel Nov 13 '13 at 18:44
I don't think so, Jon. I used this in production on a setup where there was a primary, a secondary, and a witness. I could run this query on either the primary or the secondary to obtain a list of failover events. Having said that, I don't presently have a mirror group that I can test this on. – Max Vernon Nov 13 '13 at 18:54
I believe the dbm_monitor_data table might be created by the database mirroring monitor application, and is updated by an Agent job named ‘Database Mirroring Monitor Job’. Again, since I don't have a mirroring setup in front of me I cannot actually verify that. – Max Vernon Nov 13 '13 at 18:55
Whoops, you're right -- I meant witness (had Log Shipping on the brain). I don't have a mirroring environment set up either; I assumed you did from your answer. I was just curious. – Jon Seigel Nov 13 '13 at 19:35

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